About Me


Hi, my name is Adegboyega Adewumi, founder and CEO of a leading multimedia company in Nigeria- Gtmultimedia.  A company that took me through another phase of my life and also took me through a path of re-discovery one’s passion – digital marketing.

The challenges I faced through this journey gave birth to aadigital.com.ng and DigitalTrack.


Most of the time I get inspirations and fulfillment in helping individuals and small business owners in achieving their online marketing and business goals through digital marketing.


Over the years I have stuck to a simple principle that helps me achieve my set goals. The simple principle is to learn, do, and teach.




I started my journey into digital marketing through learning in order to overcome the challenges I faced while I was nurturing my first company. I had to research on so many things that had do with online marketing. The result is what you are seeing today, which gave birth to the first Nigeria digital marketing blog – aadigital.com.ng

Digital marketing is an evolving space, where one needs to constantly learn to stay relevant. Everyday things on the online marketing space change, Google may decide to change its ranking algorithm, new digital marketing strategies may be developed! To be in tune one needs constant learning.

Good news! aaDigital provides you the opportunity to get some tips concerning digital marketing.


As the saying goes practice what you preach but for me it is doing what you have learned!  For real I have gained a lot of experience by doing what I have learned from great teachers and mentors in the digital marketing industry. It has given me an opportunity to help big companies to generate lead and convert their leads into their business goals



Another thing you can find me do passionately is that I love to teach, I enjoy it!

It gives me a lot of fulfillment when I impact knowledge in the area of digital marketing. Whenever individuals or small business owners that have come under my teaching experience increase in sales. It gives me joy! It means I have delivered. And you can only become an expert in your field when you practice these three words.


These three words LEARN – DO – TEACH define me and my journey into digital marketing.


You are welcome.