Content Marketing – A Powerful Tool To Grow Your Business

I remember sometimes ago I was trying to promote and sell some properties for a client of mine, I did a lot of social media and traditional advertising but found I was really hitting above my advertising budget and was not making sales at all.

I was at a loss! practiced all I knew in social media marketing but this was proving difficult, I had to go back to my archives and did other diagnostic process methods, made a lot of researches on the internet. I had to do all these, my client was no longer getting patient with my methods and approaches. All he wanted was results, all he wanted was sales!

Alas, found a way out, I read an article online by Neil Patel talking about content marketing been master key that unlocks closed doors in social media marketing. Really? my interest aroused, I buried myself into the article and then researched more on this interesting “key”.


I am sharing this experience, because I know a lot of my kinds then, are currently going through this, trying to look for away out.

If you are reading this it means you are interested in knowing how content marketing can really help to grow your business, if you are ready let’s get started with what content marketing stands for….


According to Growth Hackers, “content marketing is the creation and sharing of information that is both relevant to your business and seen as valuable by your businesses’ target audience.”

In simple terms it is when you create information about your area of expertise or on a product that eventually establishes you as an authority on that business or the product to the targeted audience without appearing to be selling.
I really like the way Neil Patel puts it, “content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.”

It all about the customers, making them make guided decisions into buying your products or services and which will ultimately result in customer loyalty in the long run. You got it?


After we have gone through in establishing the meaning of content marketing, I want to believe that what would be on your mind is, so how can content marketing become a powerful tool for growing my business, relax! We would be discussing that shortly…


Having gone through what I needed to know on content marketing and how to apply it on any product and services in Nigeria, I swung into action, I started writing about the product that I wanted to sell at that time, my first problem was, the product was a technical product, I needed to do more research work on this product in order for me to sound professional and also win their loyalty in which it will eventually lead to sales, I was increasingly finding it difficult to do this.


Simple, I was not too good at writing stories, especially if it on what I don’t know much about

I had to hire a content writer for this particular product, I had no patience to do all this writing around a product and services.

I started publishing content on every known channel I used e.g. Facebook, twitter, general forum platform, LinkedIn, Medium just to mention a few.

My content writing was consistent, getting desired readership and attention, people started asking questions on some particular areas in which they are not too clear about, and I was answering them and feedback was growing and positive.


I became an authority!
I was able to sell four properties within a short time
So, this became a critical strategy of my digital marketing process in selling any product or services.
I will be talking about the content marketing strategies that you will employ to grow your business


You might be wondering, are there any strategies for content marketing for business growth, yes! There are, and will be stating them now:

1. SET YOUR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The first content marketing strategy is to set a given goal or objective of your activity. You state a brief statement of what you intend to achieve. Some of the content marketing goals could be your target audience, how to reach your target audience and what will benefit them, how would they get consistent reading your content?

2. GET TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Your audience is your market, knowing this fact, then you have to take it further to identify your audience and be so clear about what they want in order to create the right content for them.

How do I know my audience then?

Start collecting and studying data from your customers through your email subscribers, social media followers, and your website visitors. Some of the data should be about age, gender, education, and income, these are the general demographic data.

Another way of knowing your audience is by getting feedback from them, this feedback findings will show how your content is currently producing desired results, what their most urgent needs are and what your content will do to address their urgent needs.

The last thing in knowing your customer is to create a customer avatar or buying persona.

A customer avatar is when you have ideal followers and customers so that you can target content better.

Your avatar should include your customer challenges, how you source information, and their behavioral motivations. With all these points stated above it will allow you to know the type of content your readers will respond to, how it will be of help to them.

3. DECIDE THE BEST CONTENT CHANNELS: This is straight forward; the next thing is to get the best content channels for your audience. Some of these channels include some social medial platforms, websites, and email marketing platforms. All these mentioned channels perform excellently well but I need to emphasize this, not all platforms work the same way with the same audience. You will need to find the best channel that works best for your audience. And the best way to go about this use Google Analytics to see the overview of your audience, to know which channel they use most to subscribe to your content.

4. CONTENT TYPES: Remember from the beginning, we discussed content marketing as the creation and sharing of information. Information could come in different ways.

So, let’s talk about types of content

There are several content types such as blog posts, video content, Facebook post, LinkedIn post, etc.

Blog post: Blogging gives you the opportunities to post content or articles regularly which attracts attention to your audience.

Video content: Another way to create content is to make a video and post it on your YouTube channel, some audience relates better to video. The act of promoting your video on YouTube is called video marketing. So, pick your styles!

Social media post: your style and your audience determine your best channels to do this. Your audience could be on a Facebook group, the types of content will be different from the audience on a LinkedIn platform. But note this social media content could contain both blog post and video content.

5. CREATE CONTENT! After identifying your goals, knowing your audience, content channels, and content types. Then what are you waiting for? Start creating content. Your audience is waiting, don’t keep them waiting!

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