Facebook Ad Mistakes You Are Probably Making

If you are new to promoting your goods and services using  Facebook ads or you have been using the Facebook ads platform for a while but things are not going too well, then perhaps you are making one of these Facebook advertising mistakes, which am about to discuss with you

So, relax,


Let’s talk about these Facebook advertising mistakes you are probably making


Mistake #1

Too broad of an ad audience

Many starters think that the more people see an ad, the more efficient it is.

However, unknown to them a broader audience means poor targeting because you’re capturing too many people’s eyes. As a result, a lot of those who see your ad might not even care about your product which means you are wasting money.

To avoid this, be sure to define the target audience for your ad by gender, age, place of residence, interests, and so on.


Mistake #2


Too narrow of an ad audience

Another Facebook advertising mistake is to promote to too few people through too narrow of an audience. Although a very specific audience may be highly motivated to buy, the same money could have brought you more potential buyers if you targeted a broader audience.


Mistake #3

Low-quality ads

The purpose of advertisement is to capture people’s attention, so don’t cut corners with them When creating ads, use high-quality, eye-catching photos, captivating videos, short and clear ad copy, and a strong Call to Action.


Mistake #4


Ignoring split-testing

One other common Facebook ad mistake is to always use the same formula for ads. Maybe this formula worked once upon a time, but is not as effective now — but you are still making use of it.

Experienced marketers know how often to perform split-testing.

Split-testing is changing one element in an ad between two similar-looking ads, then comparing ad results to see which option brings better results. Get it?


Mistake #5


Using only one type of ad

Facebook offers different ad formats for different purposes. Video, carousel, Dynamic Product, and more. You never know which one may work best, so experiment from time to time.


Mistake #6

Not stopping ineffective ads

It is allowed to Make Facebook advertising mistakes. But making one and the same mistake over and over again is not. If you tried a certain type of ad and it didn’t work, you should tweak your formula and try something else.


Mistake #7


Inadequate ad budget

A lot of beginners have no idea how much they can spend on Facebook advertising. Take our pointers into mind: a daily budget of NGN 500 is too little, but spending more than NGN 50,000 a day could be a waste.


Mistake #8

Introducing yourself again and again

Introductory ads are a good way to introduce your offer to a new audience.

But after people have actually bought something from you, you’ll need to exclude these users from your target list. Otherwise, they’ll be seeing ads for what they already bought. It will be pointless and annoying and a waste of money.


Mistake #9

Not preparing products pages for ad clicks

People who see your ads will likely visit your site to learn more about a product. And your site must be ready for this.

Make sure the product page looks neat, has a good picture of the product, an informative and detailed description, the right price, and everything set up

Mistake #10


Launching ads at random times

Finally, people often don’t know when to launch ads.

Please analyze your target audience and their behavior with their time zone for smarter ad targeting.

I want to believe that these stated tips on Facebook ads when put into practice, may result in fewer Facebook ads mistakes and possibly see greater ad effectiveness.




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