Are You Ready To Start Getting More Leads And Sales That Will Grow Your Business?

Get the proven and time-tested Facebook Ads strategies for business owners that will make you stop wasting your time and money on Ads that don’t work.

Have you been in a situation where you have spent months creating a product or service, you’ve taken every step stated in the books to make it a success? You launch your online campaign for the just created products or services. Boom! Nobody bought your products or services. It was not what you were expecting, right?

Frustrated, right? and ready to give up Facebook ads! And you have just concluded, it is not working for my business!

Don’t worry, never give up yet

I have been in some of the above-listed situations.

Yes, I have run campaigns that didn’t bring sales

Yes, I have wasted time and money on ads that didn’t work

Yes, I have seen ads that had more clicks but no conversions….

And so many more…


I never gave up!

My journey to Facebook Advertisement started about seven years ago, when I launched the then-popular (now rested), when I had to use Facebook ads to sell properties, I was spending a lot of money on ads but no sales, I had watched and practice the so-called secret formula from online marketing gurus but no results, watched tons of online videos on Facebook Ads but got more frustrated.

It was like the village people have decided I will not succeed!

I was practically frustrated and almost giving up

The turning point…

I realized at that point all that was needed was to just focus on one thing that will guarantee my desire results

That was getting the right skills!

Which I got!

With the skills gotten, I then developed some strategies that fit into my online marketing and these strategies have transformed into a system that I used for my businesses.

But I had put in more time and efforts to make these strategies implementable for other businesses that are interested in getting results with their Facebook Ads campaigns.

Now imagine you having the right proven strategies that bring in more revenue for your business

Now imagine your Facebook Ads campaign bringing loads of quality leads and conversions

Now imagine spending less on ads campaign that guarantee loads of conversions

Now imagine getting the right people and audience for your business and get them ready to consistently buy from you

These and many more are the strategies I would be unveiling to you today.

It is specifically created for business owners and any one that is interested in getting results for their Facebook Ads campaigns.



Here is What People are Saying About the Course


I can say for real, this very helpful and resourceful for my business, thank God I opted in!
Truly, going through the video tutorial and implementing the techniques demonstrated was a game changer for my Facebook Advertising targeting experience. Kudos guys!
Impactful strategies - really deep and insightful I must say. thank you for putting this together.


You may be wondering  are there other goodies that would complement the skills you would learn after taking the course on the Facebook Ads Strategies for Business Owners
Don’t worry! we got you covered, there are two additional BONUSES when you enroll.
Here are the bonuses:
If you are like me, I can bet you probably can’t remember the last day you went without using WhatsApp.
Most smartphones in Nigeria have WhatsApp installed on them and they make use of it on a daily basis – and you’ve probably sneaked a peek at least once in the past two hours.
Such is the dominance of WhatsApp in our daily lives. That’s also why the application provides massive opportunities for businesses.
But the question has always been but how can you effectively use WhatsApp for marketing that results in sales?
You get the answer to this question from this guide for free if you enroll now.
(Value N10,000)
Get to Learn and Design Awesome  Websites and Converting Sales Pages for Your Business.
Yes, you can design a professional website for your business without coding!

You will learn how to make an attractive, functional, online presence for your business. No prior experience is necessary.

Learn the skills you need to create a stellar online presence for yourself or your business, including sales pages and page layout.
All this is for free if you enroll in the Facebook Ads Strategies for Business Owners 
(Value N7,500)

This What You Will Get When You Enroll

-Introduction Facebook Marketing for your business
– Facebook Ads Basics
– Understanding Ads Terminologies
– Creating a Facebook profile
– Creating a Facebook Page
– Understanding Facebook Ads manager
– Facebook Ads manager Vs Business Manager

– Facebook Ads structure

– How to create lead campaign

– How to create a traffic campaign

– How to create an awareness campaign

– How to create an engagement campaign

– How to create a video campaign

-Facebook Sales Funnel

-Facebook Ads Policies

  • Understanding Facebook Pixel
  • Installing a Facebook Pixel
  • Standard event and custom Conversions
  • How to set up Standard event and Custom Conversions
  • Facebook Audiences
  • Saved Audience
  • Custom Audience
  • Look-alike Audience
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing
  • Facebook Videos Videos Views Ads
  • Mastering Facebook Algorithm
  • Budget, Bidding and Schedules for Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Copy
  • Detailed Targeting Strategies
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Targeting
  • Advanced Targeting Hack 
  • 70%-20%-10% + Creating Boosted Post/Post Engagement Ads

Facebook Ads Strategies for Business owners (Practical Demonstrations and Case Study)

Facebook Ads Strategies for Business owners (Practical Demonstrations and Case Study #2)

Facebook Ads Strategies for Business owners (Practical Demonstrations and Case Study #3)

  • Facebook Tracking Reporting
  • Facebook Ads Reporting
  • Facebook Analytics
  • How to avoid Facebook Ads Ban
  • BONUS – Trouble Shooting Your Ads Campaign
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

See Who is Behind This Facebook Ads Strategies


Meet Me..

Adegboyega Adewumi is also known as aaDigital, expert in both inbound and outbound marketing, with over 8 years experience. He is the founder of Gtmultimedia, a brand and multimedia company in Nigeria and also the co-founder and CEO of DigitalTrack Nigeria, a leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria..

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