How to use Facebook pixel for your Business growth

Facebook ad has proven to be one of the best online marketing platforms for reaching out to the target audience.

Some time most business goals are to convert the targeted audience into a buying customer. For this to happen Facebook has an improved feature that helps track activities of your audience for you to have an informed decision on your campaign.

I will be discussing this great tool known as Facebook Pixel.

What is Facebook pixel?

For us to get a better understanding of how Facebook pixel works, first let starts by knowing the meaning of Facebook pixel.

HubSpot defines as “A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising.”

But this is the way Facebook puts it –

“Facebook pixel allows you to keep track of actions that happen on your website as a result of Facebook ads (paid) or organic reach (unpaid)”.

My own – The Facebook pixel are the code that allows you to track activities on your website as a result of the Facebook ad campaign.

So why do I need Facebook pixel?

I observed from my engagement with small business firms in Nigeria, they engage in the Facebook ad without any data to execute such ad campaign which oftentimes lead to expensive campaign with no or little returns on campaign.

The Facebook pixel addressees these missteps, it helps to give better information that will influence better Facebook ad performance through a better audience target.

Another great thing about Facebook Pixel is even when you are not running any Facebook ad campaign, the pixel will collect data from your website site activities, in as much the Facebook pixel has been previously installed on your website and it will apply them whenever you are ready to run a Facebook ad campaign.

Some other reasons why you need Facebook pixel are:

  • Facebook conversion tracking: This a tool that allows people to interact with your website after going through the Facebook ads and track their activities for conversion by giving necessary information for their conversion into paying customers.


  • Facebook retargeting: Retargeting means showing a targeted ad to the audience that have visited and interacted with your site. The Facebook pixel gives the right data for retargeting. This mostly the practice in eCommerce sites, they retarget those abandoned items in their shopping carts.


  • To create lookalike audiences: A lookalike audience is an audience that is built to have similar attributes, interests, likes, and demographics of the audience that have already visited and interacted with your website. The Facebook pixel gives the right information in order to increase your potential customer base.


  • To optimized Facebook ad for conversion: Data collected through the Facebook pixel tracking can be used for an optimized Facebook ad for a given specific conversions. This is made possible if conversions are aligned with your business goals for the Facebook ad.


  • Facebook tools and metrics: The Facebook pixel can be used to track some metrics such as cost per lead or cost per conversion.


Facebook pixel not website cookies!

From the above illustrations, I need to emphasize that the Facebook pixel is not the same as website cookies. Website cookies track devices, for example, if someone visits a site with different devices, the cookies will count them as a different person, while the Facebook pixel tracks people activities not devices


How to use Facebook pixel

In Facebook, the event is regarded as the specific actions that people take on your website to meet predefined objectives of the Facebook ad campaign.

The Facebook pixel can be used to collect data in two different events, namely:

  • Standard event
  • Custom event

Standard Event:  The standard events are event template codes that track common conversions. In standard event you easily copy and paste to use. Examples are

  • Purchase
  • Pageviews
  • Lead
  • Complete registration
  • Add payment information
  • Add to cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Initiate checkout
  • Search
  • View content
  • Contact
  • Customize product
  • Donate
  • Find location
  • Schedule
  • Start trial
  • Submit application
  • Subscribe


Custom Event:  The custom pixel event is used for remarketing on Facebook ad.  People sometimes want some specific conversions for Facebook to track which might not be included in the standard event. Examples of custom pixel events are abandoned shopping cart, landing page, or webinar registration.

These are the overview of how a business owner can use Facebook pixel for business growth.


The next digital marketing article will demonstrate practically how to install Facebook pixels on your Facebook page.



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