How To Build Your Email List For Your Online Courses

In this 21st century, everyone should at least has one email address to communicate to their massively digitally-connected world.

Email marketing has become the essential marketing channel that every company – regardless of its size, uses.

If you want to make the most of it, the first thing  you need to determine where you are currently at:

  • Does your email list start with 0 emails? Then you are in the right place to start collecting emails to promote your course.


  • Do you already have hundreds of emails? Prepare to get some ideas that will boost the growth of your email list.

Emails give you access to the holy grail of a consumer, which is the inbox. Overwhelmed or not, a person who has shown an interest in your subject will look out for your weekly emails to check out offers or read your latest updates and articles that can convince them to buy!

So, let’s get started with that email list building…


This can be either free or paid and you will need it to manage your email lists and campaigns. Here are some common suggestions:

  • Mailchimp
  • Active campaign
  • Mailshake
  • Get response
  • Aweber

if you only have a few dozens of emails, you don’t necessarily need any software to manage your email marketing efforts. But when your list starts to grow, you should automate and design more visually attractive emails. Some email even have their own email capture form that can help lure in more customers.


Find out which solution fits your website. You will need to create an email subscription or a lead capture form to collect emails. There are many website plugins or external landing pages you can use for that such as the following:

  • Leadpages
  • Leadformly
  • Instapages

Remember to keep them short and offer potential clients a good reason to sign up.

Creating a great email capturing form can give a significant boost in bringing your website visitors one step closer to buying!


Also, you need a valuable piece of content for which your potential customers will be willing to share their email with you.

In simple words, come up with a away to offer them the honey in exchange for their precious email addresses and you will be both satisfied.

You can create an e-book and use that resource as pop up for lead generation at a page or blog post.

Popups are great if they appear at the end of an article /page or at the exit intent (when the mouse goes towards the close button).

Alternatively, you can also add a link inside a blog post talking about your offer that links into a dedicated landing page.

Offer free course

As course creator, your ultimate resource is your course and most of your potential students want to get a feel of your course before deciding to buy.

You can easily create a free course to get leads and follow up with offers to the ones that didn’t sign up for your premium course.

A quick and easy way to do this is to copy your premium course and then delete most of the course content, leaving only the intro or the first chapter (or even a short intro of each chapter).

A free online course can be a lead magnet for your premium course and your whole business.  Attracting valuable leads means that you can then sell more courses, services, or company tools!


Social media is a great way to collect emails. Here are a few quick ways to collect email leads fro your social media channels:

  • Share your lead magnet
  • Create/ share a competition offering free courses or content to the winners
  • Create Facebook leads ads
  • Send a personal message (or tweet) to your business connections
  • Join the group and share a lead capturing landing page


After you collect all the emails (or during – if you use email automation) you should start contacting your leads. A good welcoming email can help you make a promising start and offer that you can follow up giving value with each subsequent email, if you need more help on this, check out a few follow-up examples to get inspired.

Also here are 8 quick ways to grow your email list:

  • Add social button on social media or your own website
  • Add a subscribe to newsletter link to your signature
  • Partner offer/contest
  • Write a blog post (or guest post) calling people at the end to subscribe to your email list
  • Check your personal emails and export the contact you have
  • Comment on relevant blog posts
  • Paid ads on social media and AdWords
  • Online contest on social media or your own website

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